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March 10, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

My Thursday has been taken over by the bodily fluids that seem to burst out of my twins at the worse times...I just don't understand how such a tiny stomach can fabricate that much vomit all at once?....did I mention I vomit at the mere sound of it let alone the smell?....Thank goodness for those Mommy Superpowers...( you know the ones that let you function with pneumonia while your husband is passed out with a measly cold) I was going down the stairs with one baby in each hand...Alejandra erupted like Mt.Vesuvius with enough curdled milk to feed a small army!...2 hours of cleaning and one bottle of Lysol was needed to destroy the evidence. Shortly after it was Valentina's turn....gotta love that twin thing! ended at round 7 with Alejandra in the lead.

Oh Thank you parents that send your children sick to school..feeling so much love for you...words (cussing not included) cannot express my gratitude. Would love to say that I will return the favour but I am greedy and like to keep my germs within the family. We are all about recycling here at to think we do our part.

Thank goodness for the fabulous blogs I came across today......looking forward to hopping around on tomorrow sans le vomit!

March 07, 2011

Crayons , critters , crafts and washable paint : )

Never did care for Mondays because they come to fast but with Cesina being on March break next week...I thought I would spend the day gathering ideas of how to keep her entertained.

First I decided to try out some dye I got in an Easter dying kit to make sure it wouldn't make a mess when Cesina tries it

I don't think so!..just cutting the dye bags was a disaster and this is after I used the "keep fingers clean bags"

Why stencils it is!...I do love me some washable paint : )


                 Free Easter recipes

               Free St.Patrick's printables

               St.Patrick's day crafts

If all of these links fail to keep her busy...
cleaning up after her sisters will = D

March 03, 2011

Twins is fun!

Is it me or is time in a hurry!!?!!....seems like yesterday I was wallowing around pregnant ...having people ask me if i was pregnant? which I would reply "no"...I figured that if they were going to ask me a stupid question then I was going to return the favour and give them a stupid answer.

Can't say I miss being pregnant...not being able to drink coffee or eat salami was not cool but I loved being that connected to my babies. Nothing in the world can articulate it!

Now when I go shopping I am asked the dumbest question ever!!..."ARE THEY YOURS?''...course you did not think that stupidity is reserved for pregnant women only did you?
Once I shot the idiot asking me that question the WTH look..and got...."Oh..I thought you might have borrowed them"
Sure cause borrowing crying babies to go shopping is FUN TIMES!!!
I mean who doesn't borrow other people's babies to go shopping with right??
Wonder if that even exists??

Shopping with twins requires patience and not just for the babies but for all those questions and comments people are so willing to give you.
are they yours...are they twins..are they identical ...are they boys..what are there names...oh you got your hands full...ahhh all girls...are you going to try for a many diapers a day do you go through...what are their names...why did you name them that...what colour's your husband because you have one white and one coloured baby...oh'wait here I just gotta get my friend to see this...the list goes on and on...prepare yourself for stupidity 101!

Perhaps i should set a better example for the girls and not be so snarky with my responses...they are 13 months old today and soon will transform into little recording machines..... but if only there wasn't so much stupid going wouldn't be such a task!

   Happy 13th months old Valentina y Alejandra!!

A perfect example of a WTH look! mother like daughter...xoxoxoxoox

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