March 01, 2011

Pimping your blog-How to create and add a favicon for your blog

When you look at the left hand corner of you will see a mini version of my blog button. This is how you can make one for your blog.

First select the image you want attached to your URL.
You can use an existing image or create on .Some of the websites I have used in making mine are;

Next you will need to download it to a host.
I use    it's free and easy to use!
Once you have uploaded you image, copy the HTML code.

Then go to:  and insert the code into the box that says 'Upload Your Favicon/Logo/Image/Photo File To Generate The Icon"
I recommend to sharpen +3 for the clearest icon.
Hit the upload button and let the favicon lab do all the work.

Copy the code the favicon that reads
Host It at (Direct Link)

Next you need to click on your design tab  and select edit HTML.
Before you alter anything make sure to download a copy of your existing template to your computer.
Next press the Ctrl and F keys together and a small search box will appear in the top left hand side of the screen.
Enter <title><></title>
It will bring you to this line in your HTML code .
Paste your favicon code in the next line right after it.
Hit save and preview you smashing new favicon.

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