March 03, 2017

FREE printable Easter egg hunts

Although its snowing outside and I still have 44 days until Easter, I have been
passing the time creating Easter egg hunts . 
Forty four days may seem like alot but they tend to go by quickly.
Baskets goodies still have to be purchased, eggs filled and letters to the Easter bunny written.
As well as the yearly trip to the Greenhouse and pictures with the Easter Bunny.

So if you like to have your eggs in a row or find this post last minute, here are a few
different Easter egg hunt clues.

Most hiding spots can be found in any home.
Mix and match to customize your very own hunt.

I have 12 numbered plastic eggs I place the clues in.
If you can not find the numbered eggs, number them yourself with a sharpie.
Now that my eldest is 11, I got to step up my game ALOT MORE.
She remembers previous years hiding spots , so I have to find new spots every year.
One year it had snowed and I left footprints. Good thing Daddy was out checking on that rabbit he saw hopping around and good thing I used his boots too.

Happy Easter hunt planning!

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