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August 21, 2015

Summertime Sunshine

Sweet Summertime is here and how long we have waited for your arrival! 

 My plant babies are taking turns bloom and these lilies are stealing the show.
 This candy striped clematis will take over once the lilies are finished blooming.
 There is always something in bloom at Greenacre.
 Which makes Summer even sweeter.

Days at the beach with my loves, 
acting like tourists,
riding carousels,
spending all day by the pool,
then taking in a fair or two.
Nothing but pure Summertime love happening at Greenacre.
Here is a free Summertime printable.
This is the blank template in case y'all having a fabulous Summer party and need some Summer favour tags.

Hope your Summertime is just as sweet if not sweeter than the one we are having here at Greenacre.

August 28, 2013

Free Summer printables

The last days of Summer are upon us and we plan on enjoying every last second of them.
Here are some free Summer printables to help y'all enjoy yours!

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