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December 16, 2016

Ideas for a wonderful Christmas

The most wonderful time of year is upon us once more.
Some of y'all are ready and some of y'all probably still have lots to do.
Perhaps feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed. Or just not very Christmasey at all.
Not to fret cause I got some ideas to help y'all have a wonderful Christmas!
First off where ever you find yourself, take the time to enjoy it.
 Stop and look around at all the beautiful decorations.
Take in all the beauty and creativity.
Visit a local greenhouse and take home a poinsettia.
Or two or half dozen or maybe just enough to make a tree out of them.
Try decorating a gingerbread house.
Buy a pre-built house kit if you are not a baker and have fun designing with candies. A good way to use up any left over Halloween candy hence all the rockets.
This is my first year buying a pre-built kit and I am never looking back. No more hot gluing the roof and walls together. Although I did have to hot glue the candies on after one of the twins started taking candies off, licking them and adhering them to my cherry wood dinning room set.
Bundle up and go to a Christmas market.
Filled with cute little stalls and sweet Christmas goodies.
Enjoy the smells of Christmas.

Upcycle the brown paper inside the wrapping paper to make gingerbread people using this template.

It keeps the little ones busy, reduces waste and you have beautiful keepsakes of the Season.
A win win for everyone.
Fill your home with decorations that make your heart swell. 

That make you feel happy at the mere sight of them.
 That remind you of fantastic times you had.
 Christmas is a time of year to reflect on the year that is about to end
and the new one about to begin.
Celebrate however y'all feel happy,
doing whatever makes y'all happy.
As long as its a wonderful Christmas!

December 25, 2012

It's Christmas today!

Merry Christmas y'all.
I woke up to a white Christmas and lots of presents.
 Santa was very good to us this year.
 Like...really really good!
The stockings were overfilling with goodies.
My goody was the hallaca I had for breakfast!
 Alejandra admiring her new princess dolly and even kissing it through the box. Then she thanked me for the doll. So precious!!!
 This is Miss Valentina accessing the paper situation right before she opened someone else's presents.
Like this wonderful gift my oldest hija made me at school.
 Isn't it fabulous!
The Monster High ornament as promised.
I wish you the Merriest of Christmases. 
Have a Blessed Christmas day!!!
 Sending some Christmas love your way.

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December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Merry Christmas Eve y'all !!!!
It's not the white Christmas I hoped for...not yet anyhow.
The weather network is predicting 20cm of snow this Wednesday and I am so excited!!!! 
At Greenacre, Christmas is a week long celebration so although we haven't any snow tonight, Wednesday's snow will be well received!
This is my Christmas Eve manicure. I am in love with nail pens. Can you tell?
Still have to clean up around the nails but nail pens and glitter make this mamakins very FELIZ!
Not alone on that one either.
Alright, perhaps the new toys they got from their "yaya" (abuela-my grandmother) is the reason is why my girls are so happy. But when they get old enough to appreciate nail designs made easy, they will be sharing in my joy.
 Are y'all ready for Santa?
You can track him at or Google's Santa tracker.
Someone sure loves Santa Clause.
Every Christmas Eve we allow the girls to open one gift. 
Take a guess as to who got the Wii Monster High game?
I simply must either find or make a Monster High ornament for my 6 year old.
Gee...only got 7 hours to come up with a solution. 
Challenge accepted!

Have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas Eve!!!
Susan Rios

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