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February 09, 2012

The Birthdays Marathon

It's funny how I can remember what I was doing 6 years ago but I have no clue where my stamps are ,let alone my car keys!
My oldest baby is turning 6 years old today, technically @7:42pm but it's been a cause for a month long celebration in the making.
As soon as New Years was over ...the birthday decorations were pulled out.
I will confess that I am a decoration hoarder but it's only because I really do use my decorations 3 years from now. All different Barbie movie themes were on clearance a couple of years ago and I STOCKED up. Boy am I ever GLAD I did!!!! The Diamond Castle and Pegasus were the themes my daughter choose for her 6th birthday.
Valentine's day decorations made their way on to the table because the diamond castle theme has a purple heart . How perfect is that! 
The twins birthday theme also had to be tied into everything because it was on the third of February and Cesina's party was the fifth.
This was my dinning room table for a couple of weeks. It would get cleared and filled as the layers of the decorations made themselves onto the walls and ceilings.
This year I hung pink, purple and hot pink tissue poms poms using fishing line and pins from the ceiling.
Made alot of those little detailed decorations you can't buy .
and glittered EVERYTHING!
The special custom wreath and poster for the birthday girl.

To personalise the birthdays I decided to hang the number of the birthday from the centre of the room. I made the number by covering a piece of cardboard cut in the shape of a number with wrapping paper. Cesina's had a more elaborate number 6 covered with tissue pom poms.
The twins 2nd birthday was celebrated with a trip to McDonald's, cake, Nickelodeon Wii dancing and lots of presents. Just the five of us and it was so relaxed and stress free...LOVED it! Next year they will have a big Dora fiesta for the family and Cesina will have a venue party for her school besties.
La torta,
The theme was butterflies ,flowers and Tinkerbell.
The loot bags
and of course the presents!

                    Cesina's 6th Barbie Pegasus, Diamond Castle dance party
I ordered this cake from Sobey's and was wowed by the results. Cesina loves anything with a cheetah print so I asked if they could put a little cheetah print somewhere on the cake. This far exceeded my expectations. The seven crosses were even better!
For crafts they coloured and decorated Barbie Diamond Castle colouring sheets ,  wooden hearts and foam shapes
The feather boas and tiaras doubled as favours.
This corner was created so that Alejandra and Valentina could continue their own birthday celebrations seeing as they were only one day apart.
                                                          The loot bags
Daddykins had already installed a disco ball and lasers for Cesina's New Year's Eve party. He added one more laser, got a new fog machine and made a special mixed music video cd of her favourite songs for the birthday party.
The next day ...
Cesina went to school while I switched over to Valentine's Day.
Time is going by so quickly!!!!!

                                          FELIZ CUMPLE QUERIDAS!
╔♫═╗╔╗ ♥
╔╝╚╗♫╚╣║║║║╔╣۩۞۩ YOU ۩۞۩

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