April 06, 2012

Free Easter egg hunt clues printable

Happy Good Friday!
I have been busy putting the final touches on the girls Easter egg hunt. These are the clues I have made and wanted to share them with y'all.
There are two different versions, the first is the clues I made for locations in my home.
The locations are;
fridge-swing-rain boots-washing machine


The second version has locations found in every home.
Starting from the top left;
shower-rain boots-mailbox-swing
Middle row;
Bottom row;
Car seat- pots & pans cupboard-under a sofa cushion-toy box

I normally place each clue into a numbered egg and make a map of each egg's location . 
Then I would number each picture in the order of the egg hunt.
For example;
Sorry for the poor quality of the drawing.

This year I am skipping the map part because Cesina can read and knows the sequence of numbers by heart. .Next year I will make a map and a separate Easter egg hunt for them. 
Please feel free to use the clues for your Easter egg hunt, I hope y'all enjoy them!

 Have a very Blessed Good Friday !


SunnyMom said...

This is WONDERFUL! Eggactly what I was looking for and having a hard time coming up with. Bless you!!!

Greenacremama said...

Thank you very much , I had a eggcellent time making them : )
Have a Blessed Easter!

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