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April 29, 2016

Spring Tips

With 38 days of Spring under our belt
 and only 52 days until the official start of Summer.
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There is alot to do at Greenacre.
 Starting with the garden beds.
 The old plant debris was removed and the effects frost heaving were discovered.
This is when the roots of a plant are exposed due to repeated cycles of freezing and thawing ,which pushes the roots to the surface.
 Hello half a yard of triple mix soil and my good old friends.
 Triple mix is a combination of peat moss, manure and top soil.
Which is known as the universal soil because you can grow anything in it.
It adds nutrients to sandy soils and breaks up heavy clay soils.
A win, win,win.
For more information on restoring you soil go to
 First all the new seedlings like these baby lupines below are replanted because they will most likely be destroyed when I turn the soil over.
Next the weeds are removed ,the soil is turned over and the triple mix is added.
 All the while trying not to upset any root systems .
Something that doesn't always go according to plan but if it does,
 I just replant it and hope for the best. 
These are some of my survivors.
Grape Hyacinths 
Spring Primrose
White Daffodil
Gracias triple mix! 
With the garden beds taken care, I move on to deterring the woodpecker that is attacking my maple trees. has alot of great tips however
playing reggaeton very loudly did nothing to keep them away. 
Hoping these shiny spirals will do the trick.
Can't imagine this view without my beloved maple.
Hope your Spring is just as beautiful
and woodpecker free.
Here are some links for great Spring pruning tips.
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