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April 20, 2017

Springtime Sprucing - 6 Tips to Arrange Your Sofa like a Pro

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Happy Springtime!

These April showers have turned the outside into one big puddle and have me expecting alot of May flowers. Bunches equivalent to the inches of rain would be greatly appreciated
because I am stuck indoors until it all dries up.
In the meantime, I have begun my annual Springtime sprucing.
De-cluttering, wiping down walls and placing bay leaves all over to help deter ants.
Packing away Winter items and finding the odd Christmas ornament in the process because there is always one that escapes being packed away.  Every year like clockwork it seems.
Next is the washing of the windows and drapes to let all the sunlight in.
I want the house to feel new and light like Spring. 
A great way to freshen up a room is to simply rearrange your furniture and 
SofaSumo has 6 amazing tips to help you do it like a pro!

6 Tips to Arrange your Sofa like a Pro

There are several reasons why you'd want to change the position of your sofa: You just bought it; you want to give the living room a makeover, or you moved into a new place. But no matter the reason, there's one thing in common for most people: How should I arrange everything? How did I even do it in the first place?

It's understandable; most people would stare at the space and wonder where to start.

It turns out the starting point is the easiest part. In every room, you should begin with the biggest furniture item, which -in most living rooms- means the sofa.

The sofa also happens to be either the focal point or the most important piece pointing towards it. That's why it seems so important to know the right place to arrange it in a living room.

You don't need to be an interior designer to know a few tips and tricks to get it right. This guide will give you an idea on how to arrange the sofa the best way possible in your living room.

1. Measure

You'll want to know the dimensions of your living room so you can choose the right sofa for it. Not because you enjoy knowing random things, but because it will help you picture where you can and can't put it.

The sofa should not steal space from other areas, or block aisles, doors or large windows.

That's why the most usual arrangement means putting the sofa against the largest wall. And while that works, it's not the only way to place a sofa.

And always take into account the traffic. It's important to create pathways and leave clear areas where people can walk, or stretch their legs.

2. Determine the Focal Point

The sofa is usually the focal point, but that's not always the case. The focal point might be a fireplace, a large window, the TV, an art piece, etc.

It helps to know the purpose of the living room. You may think the answer is obvious, but actually, living rooms mean different things for different people. Do you want it to be a conversational space, or just to watch TV? For both? Knowing the purpose should help you decide if the sofa should face the TV, the window, the fireplace, or bookshelf.

-     If the sofa is the focal point, then arrange chairs, center table and smaller furniture around it. Make the sofa to stand out.

-     If the sofa isn't the focal point, then place it in such a way that it highlights the focal point. In this scenario, the idea is to make that other item to stand out from the rest of the furniture.

3. Separate it From the Wall

It seems counter intuitive -especially for small places- but it's actually a great way to make the space look larger.

A floating sofa will create the illusion of more space, and make the area more conversational by bringing people closer.

Ideally, the minimum separation between the sofa and the wall should be around one foot, but it depends on other factors. For example, if the sofa is facing the TV and you want to be closer to it, then move it forward.
The opposite is also valid. If the place is small, separate it just a little bit. A few inches can make a whole lot of difference, but if your living room is just too small, then just place it against the wall and don't worry about it.

4. Choose Between Symmetry and Asymmetry

In the past, the decoration was mostly symmetrical as people thought it created a calm mood. However, the asymmetrical trend is gaining popularity, since it allows combining furniture in different angles and sizes.

Once you've decided what type of arrangement makes you feel more comfortable, you'll have an easier time knowing where to put the sofa and everything else.

-     For the symmetrical look: First, place your sofa facing or towards the focal point. Then, arrange the scaled furniture around it, preferably in pairs.

-     For the asymmetrical look: In a similar way, first, you need to place the sofa facing or towards the focal point. And then combine furniture in different sizes and heights around the sofa for an imbalanced and casual feel.

5. Use the Sofa to Divide Spaces

The sofa is a great tool to define two ambiances with different purposes within one room. For example, a sofa facing away from the dining area helps to divide the space: one for the meals, and one for conversations.

This helps create more intimacy in an otherwise open space, making people feel more comfortable doing their own things.

You can be creative about it. Try to split the living room into two independent conversations areas, TV area vs dining room, or entertainment vs. reading place. This technique is especially helpful in large living rooms, or in those dreaded 'bowling-alley' spaces.

6. What Do You Mean, Two Sofas?

You might think that most living rooms have only one sofa and that some people just want to watch the world burn.

Jokes aside, it's actually quite possible to have two sofas without making the living room look overstuffed. That thing you bought that looks like a sofa, but smaller? It's probably a settee, which IS a type of sofa!

On the other hand, it's also possible that you bought two sofas because you couldn't decide which one you liked best. Or maybe you liked it so much that you ended up buying two…the thing is now you don't know what to do.

You can emulate a sort of sectional sofa with your two pieces by placing them in an 'L' shape. This arrangement works best in corners, to create a clearly defined space.

Another option is to put them in front each other, with the center table in between.

Two different sofas work better in an asymmetrical style. But you can also make them look symmetrical if you balance them with the rest of the furniture and the right colors.

So, next time you want to re-arrange it, don't stare at the space wondering where to start. Remember these few tips to make it easier!

Now that you got the best tips on how to make your room look like a professional did it.
Go ahead and SPRUCE IT UP!

Here are a few Free Spring printables to brighten your day.

Happy Springtime Sprucing y'all!

March 09, 2013

Free Spring printables

I don't really care for the weather this time of year. 
Can't do much of anything except hope for either lots of snow or really warm temperatures to dry everything up. Everything looks so gloomy, no flowers, no leaves on the trees and dirty piles of melting snow.

Right now we have frost outside and although it is going to reach 5'C, it is still too muddy to venture outdoors.
BUT! in 10 days Spring will arrive bringing warmer sunny days which brings ...


Are y'all ready for Spring?
I sure am!!!!! 
Here are some free printables to help you get ready...just in case your not.

March 19, 2012

Free Spring printables

And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley
My first hycanith has bloomed.
Spring has sprung at Greenacres and not a moment to soon. We have been outside enjoying this wonderful time of year and accessing the damages winter has done to the property. A little bittersweet but whatcha gonna do?
While cleaning out my closet I found black mold growing on the wall which came from the damaged shingles and roof. Although it was a green winter, it came with alot of flash freezing and wind storms that were 100mph. Not good for roofs and tree apparently. Half-way through fixing the roof, my husband noticed the pipe that carries the bathroom and kitchen water to the septic had a small crack because it was placed at ground level.
I wonder why the previous owners would do such a silly thing knowing it would crack at ground level but the fun never ends where these previous owners are concerned!.
Like planting a pine tree right next to the house and making it top heavy by removing all of the lower limbs. After watching this tree bend like Beckham during these windstorms and damage the eaves trough by clogging them up with pine needles, we decided it had to go!.
It was the tallest tree on the property and within 5 minutes, the top half was pulled to the ground.

Bye Bye tree!
Now comes the fun part of removing it and starting our love shack renovation. I have been waiting for this since we moved here. It will become a place I can sit down and watch the girls play without swatting flies. Swing on a hammock, watch tv and enjoy this country living...sans bugs!.
In the meantime I am going to continue my Spring cleaning and organizing. I found these helpful and beautiful FREE printables to help me get it all done.
As the girls get bigger, I find the less they listen and was soooooo happy to find these printables of chores.
How amazing are these from 

                                         is the most AWESOME website for                   inspirational posts and printables.

Free spring-gardening checklist

Free spring-gardening to do list

Free Spring activities for different ages

 I found the most amazing planners and seasonal printables at The CreativiDee workshop. She created a fabulous husband was even impressed!


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