March 10, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

My Thursday has been taken over by the bodily fluids that seem to burst out of my twins at the worse times...I just don't understand how such a tiny stomach can fabricate that much vomit all at once?....did I mention I vomit at the mere sound of it let alone the smell?....Thank goodness for those Mommy Superpowers...( you know the ones that let you function with pneumonia while your husband is passed out with a measly cold) I was going down the stairs with one baby in each hand...Alejandra erupted like Mt.Vesuvius with enough curdled milk to feed a small army!...2 hours of cleaning and one bottle of Lysol was needed to destroy the evidence. Shortly after it was Valentina's turn....gotta love that twin thing! ended at round 7 with Alejandra in the lead.

Oh Thank you parents that send your children sick to school..feeling so much love for you...words (cussing not included) cannot express my gratitude. Would love to say that I will return the favour but I am greedy and like to keep my germs within the family. We are all about recycling here at to think we do our part.

Thank goodness for the fabulous blogs I came across today......looking forward to hopping around on tomorrow sans le vomit!


Anne said...

Wow, sounds like... fun. Not! Following back.

Laura said...

LOL! is wasn't pretty that's for sign of it today..yeah!!!!!..Gracias =)

Andie said...

I'm glad it was short lived! My pet peeve is parents sending sick kids to school- when it cycles though my family it can go on for a long time! I am a firm believer of selfish germ hoarding! New follower, love reading from other twin families and this one I could totally relate to!

Laura said...

Thank you Andie...ever since my daughter started school the flu has taken up residence and just wont leave. It lurks around no matter how much sanitizing I do. Everyday I ask her who was sick at school so I know what to expect and keep a bucket handy.; )
Glad were connected...don't really know anyone else with twins....yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Have a great day!

Heather M said...

OOOOH NO!!!!!! NO fun at alll!!! I hope that they are feeling better!!!! I love you blog, so fun and colorful!!! Thanks sooo much for stopping by! I'm def following you back!!! Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Thank you Heather but no such my 5yr old puking now and the it's coming out the other ends with the twins.....homeschooling is looking REAL good right now!!...but my fab husband got me the most delish danishes so it's bearable..even got a back-up Caramilk chocolate bar.: )
Hope your weekend is nothing like mine(except the danishes and chocolate : P)

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