July 23, 2018

5 Ancients Oils That Might Be Used To Combat Superbugs

 We have exactly 43 days left until Summer vacation comes to an unofficial end here at Greenacre. On September 4th, my girls go back to school and fall will be in full swing. So between then and now, we are going to cram as much Summer goodness as we possibly can handle.
Which includes days by the pool,
Enjoying the colourful carnivals,
Stuffed animal shenanigans,
Go-kart races,
Taking in beautiful sunrises,
Roller skating wherever and whenever possible,
and lots, LOTS of time beach side.
Of course, Murphy's law is going to throw a wrench in our plans every now and then.  Upset stomachs, nausea, headaches and scrapped knees have already come and gone. So when Mike from  Mike Gear Reviews offered this wonderful infographic on 5 Ancients Oils That Might Be Used To Combat Superbugs, I couldn't be more thrilled. Especially since finding out certain medications can ruin your liver.  Here is a list of the 10 worst medications for your liver.  Every time I get a prescription from the pharmacy, the side effects listed in the pamphlet are often worse than the illness itself. Makes me wonder why all these chemicals are considered medicine if some do more harm than good. I would rather explore all the natural medicines available to us instead of poisoning our bodies first. 

Thank you so much, Mike, for this great information!

5 Ancients Oils That Might Be Used To Combat Superbugs  
With modern medicines, we have drugs for every common ailment. When we have a headache, we have a pill for that. We drink another pill for fever, and another for a toothache. We seem to have a drug for everything. And for some of us, drinking medicines every day is the norm. But this healing practice is said to be our downfall as well. What used to be easily treatable by antibiotics is now resistant to them. We use antibiotics to treat bugs, but because we rely too much on them, the bugs have developed resistance from the antibiotics. These are called superbugs. So how do we cure superbugs if we can’t use antibiotics anymore? While medicinal science is developing super antibiotics, how sure are we that the superbugs that we have now wouldn’t develop into an even stronger form and become resistant to these super antibiotics? Perhaps it’s time we turn to ancient remedies called essential oils. Ancient oils, or essential oils, somewhat have a reputation of being ineffective just because we are used to taking antibiotics. But they work, and that’s not just pseudoscience. Multiple studies have shown that essential oils work, as evidenced by historical and current use. They are more than just fragrant liquids. With the right application, essential oils can be the answer to superbugs. 
Read more about ancient oils and superbugs below provided by MikesGearReviews.com Source: https://www.mikesgearreviews.com/oils-and-superbugs-infographic/
Hope y'all are having a super Summer !!

June 20, 2018

Stepping into Summer

One more day until the official start of the Summer solstice but the preparations for its arrival have been in the works for weeks now.
 Grab a coffee and come on through, to see how Greenacre is stepping into Summer.
We had alot of colder than usual days this Spring so I used them to update some furniture and DIY Summer projects. 
The first update was a wood cabinet that holds all our roller skates in the breezeway.
I had to sand it down because it had a very thick layer of varnish. 
Then painted the accents gold and proceeded to stain the rest of the cabinet.
Layering it with light blue paint to make it look weathered and aged like a fine wine.
Here is how it turned out after all that layering.
Still, have to locate some gold rope ties for the curtains I made out of the leftover fabric from the reupholstered wingback chair.
I recommend watching some of the tutorials on youtube to guide you. Stock up on some coffee, patience and invest in a good stapler.
Next came upcycling some old wooden children's puzzles into beach-themed signs for outside.
Again I layered the paint with light blue and some pale yellow to create a more textured background so the fish and seashells would stand out.
Maybe a little much but we LOVE the beach and all things associated with it.
The solar lamp post above was made from leftover wooden post pieces and boat rope. A small hole was drilled on the top to place the spike inside so that the lamps could be changed out.
A neighbor's cat destroyed my cushions which prompted me to make some new covers.
That gave me the idea to add a hula skirt to the canopy and grabbed some watermelon pillows to make it even juicier.
Of course, after falling in love with the tiki chair, I decided to grab some more hula grass skirts and hang them around the porch roof.
Looks really cool when your underneath them too. Gives you that vacation feel and you don't even have to leave your backyard.
With flowers like, why would you?
This chair was one of the first pieces of furniture I ever bought over 20 years ago. It was dark green but I used the blue stain from the cabinet to give it a facelift. Not very successful with the rope weaving but the lizards don't seem to mind.
Anyone up for a tour of the gardens?
These pair of cranes greet you as enter the forest.
While the blue crabs remind you of what you might need when going to the pool.
Mother Mary stands in the middle of it all.
This arch is all that is left of a gate that once used to guard the front walkway.
A walkway that leads you to the front garden that now resembles a meadow.
Something is always in bloom at Greenacre.
As Rudolph looks on.

Hope y'all enjoyed the tour and are stepping into Summer overflowing with joy!

April 08, 2018

Easy-peasy Italian Wedding soup

Spring has yet to come through and bring warmer temperatures.
Not even going to hold my breath on this one either.
As a few weeks ago it was still a marshmallow world. 
All very pretty but enough already.
Now we get daily dusting's with most of it melting by the end of the day.
They are promising more Spring-like temps by the end of the week but the weather has a mind of its own. So until it actually happens, its still very much soup weather here at Greenacre.
Italian wedding soup is a family favourite and I wanted to share my easy-peasy way of making it.
First, fill the pot with approximately 10 cups of water
and bring it to a boil.
Then add 6 beef bouillon cubes to make the beef broth.
Unless you already have beef broth made, if you then use 10 cups to fill the pot.
I don't like the taste of the premade or canned beef broth and found the beef bouillon trick online.
Let that simmer as you wash and cut the spinach.
Then bring the beef broth to a simmer and add the spinach.
Next are the meatballs and to make them you will need:
1lb of triple mix meat or you can use just beef. (I find triple mix has a better flavor)
1 small onion chopped finely
1 package of Shake'n' Bake Crispy Italian (instead of breadcrumbs)
1 egg and 2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese.
1/2 teaspoon of oregano
Mix really well and roll out the balls.
You can make them whatever size you like, for me small is best.
Slowly put the balls into the soup and add 1 1/2 cup of the acini di pepi.
Please do not substitute these little pasta balls for something else because it truly is not the same.
They are the Juliet to the Romeo meatballs.
Let them simmer for about half an hour on medium-low heat while gently stirring occasionally.
After plating the soup, sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top for the finishing touch.
My Nonna always liked to add a beaten egg into the soup for extra flavor but that is optional.
This really hit the spot today as I stared at the snow coming down.
While thinking...BASTA YA!
Enough already with this snow and cold.
Come on SPRING!!!!
Hurry the hell up.

10 cups of beeth broth
or 6 beef bouillon cubes and 10 cups of water
1 lb of chopped spinach
1 1/2 cup of the acini di pepi

1lb of beef or triple mix ground meat
1 egg
1 package of Crispy Italian Shake 'n' Bake
1 small onion
1/2 teaspoon of oregano
2 tablespoons of parmesan cheese

one beaten egg and parmesan cheese to finish top off the soup.

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