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December 30, 2012

Happy last days of 2012

What a beautiful way to end a year.
 A Winter's Wonderland!
My candy canes finally look like they belong.
 New Year's at Greenacre is celebrated by the whole Christmas family and I mean everyone.
 The trees get re-trimmed, New Year's style of course.
 Party hats, horns and ribbon explode through out the house.
Setting the scene for 2013 to come through.

Some people prefer to take down Christmas but I don`t have the time to do that so I incorporate it instead.
Old folktale dictates that the tree stay up until January 6th known as the Epiphany because it is when the three wise men reach baby Jesus.
Highly doubt my New Year`s manicure will last that long but it sure is pretty.  

Here some easy DIY New Year`s decorations.
 Draw and cut out .
Add glitter glue and volia!
 The girls coloured in these paper plate clocks.
 Blinged with some gem stickers to add the New Year sparkle.
In case yàll wondering what to eat on New Year`s...
Goodhousekeeping has a list of  Good Luck Foods for New Year's Day.

Click on the picture below to get the recipe for my delicious lentils.
In my search of ideas for New Year`s I came across, 
We always followed the wearing yellow underwear but have never heard of dropping possum.

With my girls being so small, we are homebound on New Years but if you have a party to plan.
Catch my party has more free New Years Eve printables but these 2 are my favourite..
"The best is yet to come!" from Ana at Love Party Printables Party Printables

 and "Hello 2013" by Pick Print Party

However you are spending  the last days in 2012 or preparing for the new year...Have a Blessed day!
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