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January 30, 2015

DIY Frozen Party Ideas

Happy 2015!
Mother Nature has the decorations outside covered, including the freezing cold temperatures.
Couldn't be a better time of year to throw a Frozen party!
First Google free Frozen images and pick which image you would like to use. 
Save the picture to your computer
Than customise it by using a photo editing site like
Great Kids Birthday parties has a fantastic collection of Frozen clip art and the source of these images.
My girls are born 4 years , 5 days  and 2 seconds apart. 
Having one theme for all of them is a dream come true.
I made sure to have personalised cupcake toppers and signs for each one.
So they know that it's their special day we are celebrating.
Just happens that you are all celebrating it...Frozen style.
The cupcake stand is made from a piece of Styrofoam ,wrapped in tissue paper with a piece of crepe paper lining the edges. Topped of with some snowflakes or you could use fake snow .( I do not recommend this with children...based on personal not worth the mess)
I purchased the tablecloth and sign kit from Party City
The number five is Styrofoam wrapped in tissue.
So much fun!
These are the favours all finished and awaiting the guests.
Some favour tags I made.
Good thing I already have a large collection of Christmas snowflakes.
In combination with tissue paper balls and curled ribbon.
They worked well to create this Frozen winter wonderland.

This Happy Birthday sign was easy to make.
I glued the letter onto a piece of ribbon.
The letters were found on Great Kids Birthday parties
So were these great water bottle wrappers.
I hope these tips help you throw your little ones a Super Frozen party.
Happy Winter!!

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