December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Merry Christmas Eve y'all !!!!
It's not the white Christmas I hoped for...not yet anyhow.
The weather network is predicting 20cm of snow this Wednesday and I am so excited!!!! 
At Greenacre, Christmas is a week long celebration so although we haven't any snow tonight, Wednesday's snow will be well received!
This is my Christmas Eve manicure. I am in love with nail pens. Can you tell?
Still have to clean up around the nails but nail pens and glitter make this mamakins very FELIZ!
Not alone on that one either.
Alright, perhaps the new toys they got from their "yaya" (abuela-my grandmother) is the reason is why my girls are so happy. But when they get old enough to appreciate nail designs made easy, they will be sharing in my joy.
 Are y'all ready for Santa?
You can track him at or Google's Santa tracker.
Someone sure loves Santa Clause.
Every Christmas Eve we allow the girls to open one gift. 
Take a guess as to who got the Wii Monster High game?
I simply must either find or make a Monster High ornament for my 6 year old.
Gee...only got 7 hours to come up with a solution. 
Challenge accepted!

Have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas Eve!!!
Susan Rios

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