February 25, 2017

DIY Woodland party ideas and free printables

February is my birthday month and this year I needed a common theme. One that would make a princess and tomboy happy. Neither one would agreed on Spiderman or Shopkins. You would think being twins they would have the same taste but no such thing.
This year I decided to have a Michael's crafting party because they love to make things and I am not feeling having paint on my white chairs.
Michael's has alot of themes but the only theme they could agreed on was a Woodland theme and it could not have been more perfect.
First I found this fantastic and free Woodland clip art kit from
Then I got to work making the girls initials and the numbers by cutting them out of bristol board, wrapping them in lime green wrapping paper. Embellishing them tissue paper flowers for the princess and leaves and vines for my tomboy.  Both letters and numbers were glued onto a piece of ribbon so that they could hang off the wall.
Here is the finished product in action.
Next was the green backdrop for the wall behind the table.
I spread out 3 plastic tablecloths lengthwise on top of each other, Folded the very top about half an inch twice and stapled the fold across the top. Then I made various cuts about and inch or two in width all the way to the stapled fold. In the picture below are two sets of the backdrop side by side.
The name banners were made from a pre cut banner kit, 2 alphabet sticker packages and some woodland stickers of course.
Using the same wrapping paper, I cut the triangles and folded over the top onto a long piece of string and glued it to make the happy birthday bunting. 
This is the template I found after I had free handed the triangles.
Will definitely be using this the next time I make a bunting to make it easier.
The customised water bottles and cupcake toppers were a big hit.
My girls and guests loved the all decorations and personal touches.
The kids got to make a fox mask, an owl bookmark and a fox picture frame.
Taking snack breaks in between the projects as the paint and glue was drying.
It was the best birthday party ever! says the foxes.
Here are some Woodland birthday printables to make your the bestest ever too.
Thank you cards
Water bottle labels

Cupcake toppers

If you want to make your own printables, check out  Mandy Art Market
for this beautiful Woodland clip art and more.

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