May 13, 2014


Spring has sprung but with the cold temperatures, you would never know it.
Last week we finally had some warm days that sent all the flowers into full bloom mode.
Today we are receiving 15-20mm of rain today and an additional 35-45mm tomorrow which will turn everything green.
As well as convert the backyard into a grazing pasture.
Thank goodness for ride-on lawn mowers!
This is the girls new garden bed I made last year on May 24 weekend . I relocated the yarrow and lupin because they are my daughter's favourites and they are LOVING it!
So are the plethora of new ant colonies popping up everywhere , Valentina says are her"friends".
I love seeing Spring and Summer perennials are side by side.
Taking turns putting on a show and telling time,
These irises and lilies will be in full bloom by the end of June, exactly as the school year ends.
My tulips are a prelude to the first long weekend of the Summer.
A Summer I hope will bring lots of beach and poolside days!
But I am in no hurry to rush Spring along and have made some delightful Spring memes for y'all to 

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