January 11, 2014

Summer Garden Dreaming

This barren garden will look like this in 6 months time,
blooming with colour and life.
This Winter has been the worse as far.
 Starting with the ice storm that decapitated quite a few trees at Greenacre.
What took more than 50 years to grow was destroyed in a few hours.
Blizzard after blizzard. White out after white out.
Winter blasted my door and yes it is still sporting Christmas decorations.
We were experiencing a  3 day blizzard and -40'C technical difficulties
This popsicle making weather, 
had me dreaming of my Summer garden.
Then the reality that 6 months is a long time sets in. 
So why not just add colour to the snowy backdrop instead?
Make up some lovely urns filled with life and offer them to old man Winter in hopes he leaves early this year.
HGTV has a great post called Winter Landscape Brighteners on how to beautify your garden this time of year. Click on the pictures to get redirected to the original post.

 This wonderful garden chalkboard quote is a free printable by Shelly Renee offered at Canter Lane Design.
It will digging time before y'all know it!
 The first day of Spring is Thursday March 10, 2014

Ephemeras Vintage Garden's Printable Botanical Postcards are beautiful reminders at what lies ahead.
Why we dig and spend hours tending our plant babies.
No time like the present to get your seed on!

Print these butterfly colouring pages I made for my little ones
because nothing can get done unless they are occupied.

Hopefully these will do the trick whatever you decide on doing.
Sending y'all Summer Garden love from Greenacre!
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