January 04, 2014

Hello 2014

Christmas left just as quickly as it came. 
New Year's is still kicking around but soon it will be an image in the proverbial rear view mirror.
At Greenacre that day will come after the Epiphany on January 6.
Then back to a sea of bins it is while I transition from holidays to Valentine's day and the girl's birthdays in between.
2014 also brings my oldest daughter's first communion and husband's 40th birthday which he wants Rambo themed. Did I mention that these 2 important events are only 2 weeks apart from each other?
Very busy year ahead indeed!
Before I take it all down and say good-bye to the most amazing New Year's Eve as far..
(partly because I actually stayed awake)
Let's see the decorations!
Alot of people take down Christmas before New Year's. 
Too much work for me to do in such short time.
 So I slap some hat, party favours and ribbon on everything!
 EVERYONE and EVERYTHING gets a New Year's update.
 Much easier that way. 
 Seems criminal to be cleaning up during the holidays.
Except the confetti all over the floor the poppers send flying.
The Christmas tree got into the New Year spirit, 
along with the snowmen!
Together Greenacre Welcomed 2014 with loving arms.

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