December 21, 2012

A Very Pinky Christmas

Only Four days left until Christmas!!!
As a mamakins to 3 girls, pink is bound to be a favourite colour right? 
That's a no brainer!
Two of my daughters love pink, purple and blue.
We found Pinky at a car swap out of all places.
Cece choose this blue string of lights which have a purple hue.
And we were off, giving birth to Merry the Pinky Christmas tree
With the help of Butterscotch and Kitty.
These ornaments from her Barbie's Perfect Christmas book are
giving me a great manicure and green candy cane strips.
With glitter...lots and lots of glitter!
Decking the pink halls.
May I present...The Merry Pinky Christmas tree.
These pink gingerbread ornaments just divine!
Much love for the pink Santa in our casita.
As well as snowflakes...inches of them!
Hope yàll having yourselves
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Incorporating God and chocolate. Absolute perfection!

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