March 01, 2011

Happy March first...19 days till Spring!

Had I not spoken to my friend Penny...I would never have known it is March first. Days bleed into each other with few hours of sleep here and there so it's all pretty much one big blur.
This morning as I reached for my creamer with my eyes burning from the light because I didn't get much sleep..SHOCKER! be accosted by a horrible smell in my fridge....
Looky Looky!
Donato put a Spanish onion in a flimsy sandwich bag to stink up my fridge. After 6 years of marriage and close to a decade of being together...he still does this "to keep me on my toes"..grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat eh?! ..just add cleaning the fridge to my March 1st adventure...
So I put the onion away properly and stuck that bad boy back in the fridge in hopes that he notices the way it is now packaged.

In the flimsy bag , inside a plastic container with an airtight lid!

Once the coffee kicked in I decided to celebrate this March 1st by making a new centerpiece.

Peeps to my peeps!

I filled a vase with on layer of Easter grass, then added a layer of jellybeans and peeps.

I placed the peeps in a circle, facing the outside of the vase.No need to even peel the peeps apart because you can line them up as shown.

I filled the center with more Easter grass and an egg candle on top.

While I was making this centerpiece I see this outta the corner of my eye

So cute!

Think they were toasting...
 my cake...jejejeje

Last week Donato requested a golden cake , course you know it was right after I made a cherry chip one...literally

So with an ode to spring theme in is Donato's golden cake.
I dyed the some shredded coconut to look like grass and added to chick peeps on top.

I wish Cesina didn't eat all the mini eggs...they 'd be perfect on top...note to self...time to hide secret stash of for me and one for decorating with the rest going into the stash for me pile.

Happy March 1st!!!

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