March 12, 2017

Easiest DIY Leprechaun trap

When my daughters teacher gave them a metallic green coin for good luck, she had no idea the snowball effect that would have.
My twins decided to use the coins to catch a leprechaun instead and could not to wait for me to get some supplies.
So whats a Mama to do?
I looked around to see what we had on hand or lying around the house and 
didn't not have to go any further than the fridge.
A plastic strawberry container!
The girls had to eat the strawberries first of course.
Then I cut pieces of green construction paper to cover the outside of the container and one for the inside of the box as a liner. I hot glued the pieces on the outside and the twins quickly began to decorate it.
I cut a door in the front by making an incision on the bottom with a knife then slide the scissor blade to make it easier. 
Inside the girls put a chair (the cup) a happy face ring (jewellery) a flower and wee Easter egg for decoration. 
In hopes of making it seem even more attractive for a leprechaun. On the outside they lined a walkway with coins , offered a car, beads, a turtle night light and a Hello Kitty Valentine.
Still not sure what we would do if we really did catch one but if it poops gold then we definitely keeping it and feeding it lucky charms.

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