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February 19, 2011

How many weeks till Spring?

Spring fever anyone?

It is raining and 10'C ....the snow is dirty and tired looking and I am tired of looking at it!

I took out my easter bins but have been distracted by my 2 little explorers and their adventures of the mess makin' variety..

so my easter decorations have been sitting there for 2 days..

But after staring at this for 20 minutes while waiting for the school bus...: (

Spring fever set in something fierce!..I am totally feeling the need for bright happy colours, beautiful smelling flowers, the warm sun and Easter bunnies bringing chocolate... (course it's really all about the chocolate ; p )

just what I needed...bright cheerful colours!

Happy baby...JOY!!

Wish I could lounge around with the bunnies but Easter ain't gonna unpack itself....better hop to it ; )

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