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January 29, 2011

Prepping for the girls birthday

Boy am i ever lucky Cesina did not mind in the least! that I am in the middle of the preparations a wave of gratitude has washed over me that this is only gonna happen once this month. It definitely would be to much work to do twice in a span of 6 days.

Chao! Chaooooo!

January 22, 2011

How to make tutus

With my twins turning the big ONE year old on February 3rd....and my four year old turning 5 on February 9th, I decided to have a joint birthday party on February 6...right smack in the middle of both dates and it also happens to be a Sunday..yeah!!!
Cesina decided to go with a ballerina Barbie theme which had two twin girls (what luck!) The colours are hot pink and purple and I am carrying the hot pink colour into the kitchen to make that the twins area.

The first thing I started with was making the tutu's so that I could take picture of the girls wearing them.
I used 9 yards of tulle which was only $1.50 per yard & 4 yards of ribbon to string through the tulle.

I measured the length according to the height of each girl and the desired length which for me was right at knee level. Then I cut the tulle into pieces which were 3ft in length and aprox1-2ft in height.
One end was then folded over and sewed by the a machine.I didn't have great success when I used pins on the first piece of tulle. The material is not very easy to work with and the pins got caught...hence the wiggling lines above on the left hand side of the picture.

I tied the ribbon onto a bigger needle and strung it through the tulle.

I kept adding more pieces until the tutu looked full and puffy

Dress rehearsal / book sampling
The finished tutus in action

Best part is that it can grow with them because I used an extra long piece of ribbon...that and I wanted a big bow when I tied it up.
; )

January 16, 2011

The big one five

When Cesina turned One, I took her to get her birthday pictures done and loved the big number one. So much so I did it every year except last year because I was still in the hospital from giving birth.
So this year I decided to make the numbers myself and use them as part of the birthday centerpieces after I use them as a photo prop.

You will need a piece of styrofoam ..size will vary depending on how big you want it.
1-2 packages of tissue paper....again quantity will depend on size
2-3 bottles of white glue...again quantity will depend on size

I used 2 pieces of styrofoam which were about  2ft long  x 1 1/2 ft  wide and I drew the outline of the number 5 and 1 on each piece then cut them out using a sharp , long knife....Do not do this makes a MESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Each number was given a coat of paint and let to dry overnight.

I cut the tissue paper up in various sizes and poured the bottles of glue into metal bowl .Approx 1/2 -1cup of water was added  & mixed to the glue to water it down.

With the paint brush, I spread the glue in one area of the number then placed a piece of tissue paper on top of the glue, repeating this process until the entire number was covered.

I finished it off by brushing a layer of glitter paint over top.

Can't wait to use them!

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