December 29, 2016

Easy New Years decorations and FREE printables

With Christmas in the rear view mirror, some of you might still have all your Christmas decorations out.
I personally do not take anything down until the Epiphany on January 6 other wise known Three Kings Day. Plus it takes me a few days to take it all down and clean up and who wants to do that while your children are on vacation. Not me and I'm guessing there are a few other Mamas that feel me on this one.
So here is the easiest way to update your Christmas decorations.
Make them part of the party!
 Put hats and tiaras on them
and don't forget the blow horns.
 Then fill the horn with lots of curly ribbons.
 Display the party plates.
Wrap a banner here
and there,
and don't forget the tree!
Have the kids make some clocks out of paper plates and use them as tree decorations.
If this is still too much work then just hang curled ribbon everywhere.
It instantly creates a party atmosphere and easy to take down too.
Here are some free New Year's printables to help you ring in the new year.

I wish y'all  A very HAPPY and  PROSPEROUS New Year!

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