March 23, 2016

Free Easter printables, inspiration and ideas

Happy Easter greetings y'all!

Greenacre is full of eggs
 more eggs
 and even more rabbits.
All of them cheerful and bright colours
which make every corner of the house joyous.
Each decoration reminding me of an Easter past and gone.
 These two bunnies below were the first Easter decorations I bought after getting married.
Every year I placed the blue one by my husband's night table and the pink one on mine.
They have made their way into the family room now but they always remind me of our time being newlyweds.
 Our first Easter tree was born the same year as the twins.
I wanted to do something extra special that year and fell in love with the idea after seeing it on line.
New decorations join the club and old decorations are re-vamped. 
Each one loved and possessing a special memory.
Each one a little time capsule that someday will be passed down to my girls.
Reminding them of our Easter traditions and the special moments we shared.
Hopefully they will also continue the tradition of visiting the greenhouse .
 We make a special trip every holiday season to see the floral showcase.
It is a feast for the eyes and soul.
Automatically making you feel better .

 The smells and colours are uplifting.
 How could you not feel happy seeing this much beauty.

 Just spectacular!

A promise of what's to come in a couple of weeks because
 right now the plants are just starting to grow and nothing is in bloom yet .
This daffodil bud looks very promising but we are in for an ice storm tonight.
Hopefully she will be okay and bloom for Easter.
 All this beauty has inspired me to create these Easter printables.
Starting with the annual Easter hunt for the baskets.

 The Greenacre Easter bunny hides the girls baskets and leaves numbered egg clues.
This year is going to be mostly an indoor hunt because it snowed last year.
Which made for some incriminating footprints by Daddy's boots.
Better keep it on the safe side this year. Wink Wink.
  Here is another indoor hunt with hiding spots found in most homes.
The hiding spots would be the fridge, dryer, computer,freezer,microwave,mailbox,washer and shower.
These are a little easier and better for smaller children.
Hope these free printable Easter egg hunting clues help y'all have the best Easter hunt EVER!

Why not frame some of these adorable printables or use them as cards.
Share them as memes or for facebook covers to spread some Easter joy.

I LOVE EASTER...can you tell?

Wishing y'all a Very Happy and Blessed Easter!

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