February 13, 2016

Valentine's day love

 Seems like even the sky is feeling the Valentine's day love.
 While we feel the pains of renovations.
 Sanding and painting cupboards.
Then the super fun times of trying to find tiles to match the counter top.
With so many options out there it truly was a difficult thing trying to find a back splash that matched.
 Then the floor.....this was super tricky because the floor needed to be able to be flexible. The sub floor was still in good condition but seeing as tiles were out of the question and I did not want laminate that looked like wood. My husband got the next best thing, laminate flooring that looked like tiles. We had tiles but they cracked up and the floor resembled a jigsaw puzzle.This is what jump started the renovation which carried into the girls bedroom ,hallway, doors and our bedroom.
Above is a picture of the twins room before the 6 coats of white paint on the wooden shelves.
The baby pink walls went neutral to give the room a breath of fresh air.
Just in time to celebrate their 6th birthday.
Had to hustle to make a place to celebrate because the contents of the kitchen cupboards were being stored in the dinning room. Oh the power of coffee!
Each girl got the theme they wanted with a real birthday party scheduled at McDonald's next weekend because the renovations are still ongoing.
Going to LOVE it when they are all done!

In the meantime I'm sending y'all some Valentine's day love with these free Valentine's day printables.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!

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