October 23, 2015

Bootifying Greenacre

Halloween is HUGE  at Greenacre. A close second to Christmas but one of the girls most favourite holiday. I think the candy has alot to do with it but I make sure to bootify Greenacre every year for them.
 Alot of the decorations are from the dollar store.
 I just group and stage them to look super spooky.
 Mesh ribbon has become my new favourite thing to decorate with for obvious reasons.
 Ghosts hanging around the backyard.
 Skeletons and pumpkins greeting them when they come home from school.
My Fall ball is made by tying 2 hanging baskets together and weaving a piece of mesh around it. 
 Glued a couple of leaves and voila! and Fall ball is born.
 Can you tell I have a thing for owls?
 In the Spring we had to rip out the grapes because of all the bees that the grapes attracted. I used the grapes vines to make this garland. It looks so good that I might just rip out the other grape vines to make another garland.
The tall light brown branches are dried up daylily stems. I leave them on after they have bloom until they turn brown and then gather them to use as a Fall decoration.
I used to use corn stalks but between the animals eating the corn, the wind blowing them out of place and the moisture turning the leaves brown....the dried up daylily stems made a better alternative.

Here are some free Halloween printables to Bootify your home.

Have a Bootiful Halloween!

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