October 21, 2014

K5 Learning review

K5 Learning is an on line reading and math enrichment program where kids study independently and learn at their own pace, 
It is a wonderful  program that offers over 3,000 tutorials and activities to help enrich children's math, reading and spelling skills.
They offer an on line assessment of the 8 key math and reading skills,and then K5 Learning will choose the lessons based on that assessment. 
It is organising the study process so that you don’t have to. K5 will not only select and give the lessons to your children. but it keeps track of the lessons learned and even provides you with progress reports. 
Parents also have the choice to assign any K5 lesson at any time .
I found that my 8 year daughter had forgotten how to count money and choose lessons that focused on that.
What took almost 2 years in school was learned in a few lessons at K5 Learning.
She really enjoyed the custom avatar and lesson plans. They were easy to understand and follow. 
Best of all the knowledge stayed with her because he next time she went to the store, I did not need to count out the money for her.
That is the best kind of learning!

I highly recommend K5 Learning because it has proven to be a quality online website that delivers results.

Swing on by http://www.k5learning.com and check out their video tour here K5 Learning Video Tour
and take a look at their Sample Lessons for further information.
They also offer  Free worksheets  and this awesome Free Ebook.
Filled with practical advice and specific activities parents of preschoolers to Grade 5 kids can use to help them excel in school.
Sign up for the 14 day free trial and see for yourself.

{Disclaimer: I received a 6 week free trial of the 5K Learning Program for this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.}

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