November 29, 2013

The makings of the Elf on the Shelf tradition.

Good Winter Wonderland morning y'all!
This was the sunrise today at Greenacre. Just so lovely and Christmasy!
Which arrives here promptly on November 2nd because November 1st is my Halloween-afterglow day. I put away costumes and enjoy the perfectly tweaked Halloween decorations while watching Christmas movies.
 Then it's a maze of bins for a couple of weeks until the transition is completed. 
Last year we watched the Elf on the Shelf special and fell in love with it.

Cesina quickly wrote Santa a letter asking him for a girl elf and on November 8th, 2013...
The Elf on the Shelf became a Greenacre tradition.
I made the postage label on which is a free photo editing website.
 This fabulous free Santa stationary is courtesy of
Which made for a perfect letter of introduction and made it all rather official.

 I found this great The Elf on the Shelf poem at
It explained the in's and outs of  how it all works.
Once you settle on a name go to to register her or him and print off your adoption letter. 
There are also games, DIY crafts and free Elf on the Shelf stationary that you can download.
So far our little elf  has not been mischievous because I don't want to give Valentina any ideas.
 Every morning Minty pops up here and there.
Keeping the girls busy in search of her whereabouts.
It's such a fun tradition to have but I am looking forward to when i can start her mischievous ways .
First I have to get Valentina to stop hers.
Then it's 
 fun times ahead.
There are alot of wonderful free Elf on the Shelf printables but this is one of my favourites .
Visit to get these adorable elf notes.
Another great website for ideas and elfisms is
 So many possibilities and fun to be had!
Hope y'all getting your Christmas on.
I made some Christmas lunch and Elf notes to help pass the spirit along.

Download by right clicking on the picture . 

Sending Christmas Blessings your way!

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Kelly H. said...

Love this post :) Our elf arrived this week and the kids are so excited!
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