June 26, 2013

Happy last days of June y'all!

Happy last days of June y'all!

I have been purging Greenacre and cleaning since the viral infection came through the house.
What began in the twins room set off a chain reaction that has spread through the whole house just like the infection. Each room dismantled and only cherished items were re-introduced. 
Clothing I haven`t used in years was finally let go.
Other's recycled for cleaning clothes, thus continuing the cleaning cycle.
 Funny how many memories a piece of cloth can hold. 
Now I have a streamlined closet that makes my life easier.
It still needs some tweaking but I love and fit into every piece of clothing.
An old kitchen cupboard was transformed into...
a craft supply cupboard.Yay!

All the while my plant babies put on a show.
Just love my babies!

Hope y'all enjoying your Summer!

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