January 21, 2013

Decorating for Valentine's Day

Happy New Year!
I wish y'all a very Blessed and fortunate year ahead! 
The new years at Greenacre always starts off very busy.
First is the de-christmasfication than Valentine's Day and Birthday decorations make their way through

With my daughters born a week apart , I try to look for birthday themes that can be blended with my Valentine's day decorations.
Anything pink, red, purple and heart shaped pretty much.
This year my soon to be seven year old is going to have a party at a venue instead of at home because she is having a safari seven theme and I fell in love with the idea that I don't have to clean up after 13 children.Who wouldn't?
The gemelas are having a Hello 3 - Hello Kitty party which fits perfectly with V-day decorations. 
Our pink Christmas tree is now a Valentine's day tree which will turn into a Happy Birthday tree on the third.
Then back to a Valentine's Day tree.
As I took down the Christmas decorations, I set aside anything red and Valentine-ish.
Hearts, rose petals and more hearts everywhere!
Tulle from my wedding.
Handmade Valentine's from last year.
Love bug goody bags.
Last year's Hello Kitty chocolate box is now a decoration which ties in the twins birthday theme,
Our tree of love.
Winter Valentine's.
Hello 3 ! Hello Winter! 
                                                             Hello Valentine's!
Enjoy this wonderful time of year cause
 Spring is around the corner.

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