December 29, 2012

55 hours left in 2012

55 hours left until it's 2013.
and we at Greenacre are getting ready to welcome it with open arms!

 Doing some practice horn runs to make they work.
Playing outside in the marshmallow world,
making snow angels,
 just loving this
Winter Wonderland!

Going tobogganing at the park.
Big climb=a great workout for mamakins.
Valentina just had to be pulled because the snow as too deep for her to walk in.
While Alejandra braved it and actually climbed half-way up the hill.
Thank you Dios for this beauty.

Cesina was too tired to go back to the park and came up with this idea.
 Daddykins worked very hard and made it a reality.
Woo hoo!!!!
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1 comment:

Lori Popkewitz Alper said...

So cute! The title of your post caught my eye. Happy New Year!

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