October 16, 2012

Auspicious Lentils

 One of my favourite Fall foods to eat because it so comforting and warming. Rich and satisfying!

They are also believed to bring abundance and fortune if eaten on New Year's day because they resemble coins.
 Begin by soaking the lentils overnight to reduce the number of phylates, which are known to interfere with the body's absorption of calcium, iron ,zinc and other nutrients. A  900 gram bag of lentils was used  for this recipe.
Chop up 2 medium-large onions and 2 red bell peppers and half a clove of garlic.
Need not be finely chopped.
 Brown the onion first, then add the peppers and garlic last.
  A little burn here and there just adds more flavour.
 It also compliments the flavour of the smoked sausage.
 Add some carrots and yukon gold potato chunks.I added 5 small potatoes and 5 medium chopped carrots.
 Place in a deep pot and add enough water to cover about an inch above the lentils.
 Add the entire package of chili powder  and 2 tablespoons of adobo.
 Then add the sausage and stir. Cook on medium low for about 4 hours.
 Give it a good stir every half-hour.
 The finished product.
 Lucky for me the girls love them as much as I do.
For more information about lentils click on the links below.

Livestrong article on rice and lentils for nutrition
Happy Fall day!

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