September 23, 2012

Free Fall craft and Scavenger hunt printable

Happy first Sunday afternoon of Autumn!. 
To commemorate the occasion at Greenacre, we made some beautiful Fall flowers.
It doubled as a scavenger hunt and opportunity to teach my twin toddlers about colours and for my six year old to practise her counting.

We are blessed to have a forest in the backyard so it did not take to long for the girls to find everything on the list. 

Here is a free printable you can download to make you own scavenger list with: 

ADVENTURE TIP- place the leaves books flat inside a book with something really heavy on top of the book for a couple It flattens the leaves which makes them easier to glue.
 I cut four squares out of scrapbook paper and had my daughters arrange the leaves into a flower. The leaves were glued to the paper then cut out. Placing the flower face down, the branch was glue to the back of the flower. To be secure the branch to the flower, I glued a paper X right on top of it.

A couple of weeks ago one of the twins stuck a fake berry up her nose. My husband tried to remove it using tweezers and even a toothpick , with no luck. Hello trip to the emergency!
I got super lucky and not only was it empty but I got a really good nurse that knew exactly what to do.
First place you finger on top of the unobstructed nostril, take a deep breath  then place your mouth on top of the child and BLOW!.  It will send the object flying out of their nose. 
This is the best tip I have ever received and something I will be putting to use frequently.

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree. 
Emily Bronte  

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