May 03, 2012

Hello Forty!

Hello Forty!
I was born at the crack of dawn and often find myself awake way before it these days. It was a beautiful start to a great Birthday.
My wonderful husband decorated my traditional cherry cheesecake.
It really is the best cheesecake EVER!
Manicures and pedicures a plenty...
with alot of Forty Fabulousness!
 The next was followed by a surprise visit to the Butterfly Conservatory & Royal Botanical Gardens. The same garden we had our wedding photos taken but have not been back since we had the girls.
The girls were not as happy about the butterflies landing on them as I had thought. They didn't like it at all actually. Good thing there was a beautiful garden to be explored.
 The last time I saw this fountain was when my husband and I stood on the edge to take pictures. Now I am watching our daughter play sitting on it. Sure made me feel very BLESSED!

On Turning 40

Youth, it seems
In retrospect to be
A swamp

A tangle of trials and tests
Filtering us through the maze
Of options

Choices and passages
We change
As we choose

Each turn we take
Each choice
Directs our path, our focus
Now, turning 40
I count myself blessed
To survive and grow
To find the compass
Of love, experience
And faith

Blessed to know who I am
To accept my path
Unique to all
Precicely my own
To be comfortable
In my skin
To know that all we are
All we have
Is but part of the Master plan

Chubby Cheeks Thinks

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