March 27, 2012

Spring to Summer to Spring

Mi Reina of all  'to do " lists.
Do you have one?

Spring has been around the corner for months but after trumping old man Winter... it is officially here! 
Bringing with it flowers, BBQ's, gardening, Easter and birthdays.
Easter at Greenacre begins with the mass consumption of the most important Easter food group ...chocolate & lots of it!. 
Every room is adorned with eggs of different shapes & colours.
While families of chicks and bunnies moved in and took over.

                     Here one of the most popular families now!
  1. I cut a paper towel roll in 3 different heights. 
  2. Wrapped a piece of piece of coloured paper stock and tape.
  3. Cut out ears and feet.
  4. Use a pom pom for a tail.
  5. Embellish

Easy to make and another opportunity to found out just how "washable" markers really are 
and for Valentina set a new personal record for how high she can reach things.

This is my Spring of 2012 as far...

Somethings will become synonymous and bring me back to this moment in time...
The sound of coffee brewing in the early wee hours,
the taste of Cadbury chocolate, 
the smell of passion fruit,
 looking at shingles, 
eating lentils , 
pinning and that feeling that you get when your jumping. 

Have you discovered pinning yet?
It's a great way to visually organise images of things your interested in with out having huge list of favourites on your computer. 
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I've always got fresh coffee and Cesina a fresh manicure!

While searching for crafts that teach my daughters about the true meaning of Easter I came across this
sweet craft courtesy of

An egg full of jelly beans, Colourful and Sweet

Is a prayer, a promise, A loved ones treat!!

                                        ~Charlene Dickensen, 1997

Then fell in love with with this blog and Jelly Bean Prayer book.
 Go to for the full tutorial on how to make a Jelly Bean Prayer book or download the Jelly Bean Prayer colouring sheets.

Mis hijitas LOVE flowers and what bouquet could be better than you child's hand print...nada te digo!
Hop on over to for the full details..

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Deborah Ann said...

Haven't visited in a while. Lord, your background and kiddie pictures are glorious! Happy blogging, my friend. You have a gift from God, that is for sure...

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