March 30, 2012

Easter decorations at Greenacre

Easter is only a week away! Are you ready? 
I didn't realise it was right around the corner because we have been so busy with the roof and other projects. For some reason I thought it was a month away. Lucky for me I have been stockpiling the Easter basket goodies and only need the chocolate.
This morning I set up the baskets that come from Easter bunny and the Easter bags that come from mommy & daddy.
 A chocolate trail leads to the bags where the first clue for the scavenger hunt to the baskets is found
 I found these at the dollar store and think they are the cutest little bunnies!
 Cesina is a crafty girl so I filled it with craft sets and of course some jewellery!
 Funny eggs waiting to be filled.
 Alejandra's basket...
as far because I tend to keep adding things until the night before Easter. A solar dancing bunny and books made their way into the baskets this afternoon. Pretty soon I am going to have to get bigger baskets!.
    I hope you enjoy the Easter decorations at Greenacre.
The Easter bunny will be hopping into town very soon!

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