May 01, 2011

On to enjoying Spring

 I started this post a few days before Easter as I was planning my Easter egg hunt but then the flu that has been squatting in my home struck again. At this point I should just buy Tylenol and Gravol by the cases.

Easter morning began a few hours before for me because I had to stay up and wait until Cesina fell asleep to hide eggs and leave the chocolate & jellybean trails. Then wake up super early to hide the clue filled eggs outside before she woke up. Lucky for me the weather co-operated and the rain held off until she was done.

These are the clues I placed inside the eggs but I also drew her a map because she can't read yet and I wanted to make sure she would find all the eggs. Good thing I did because my husband didn't read any of the clues.

Your find first clue is in your shoes-breezeway-rainboots
I love sailing the high seas -by the boat-diving board
Your bench is the perfect resting spot- bench on front porch
Who needs a park when you have this to slide down!-green slide
I sure do hope for a warm Summer so you can go swimming alot--in front of deck door
This is your mommy's fave furniture and takes lots of pictures of you and your sisters while your sitting on them- dinning room chair
I love your mommy's's sure hot in here-oven
I'm so hot I can dry clothing- dryer
You love to put your toys here so you sisters can't reach them when they climb the sofa
- window above your sofaHurry up and get your next clue before the fish eats it- her top bunk bed's kinda cold out here but at least it keeps the food from going bad- fridge
Have you had your bath today?- shower
Happy Easter!

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly holidays go by. Weeks worth of work are over in what seems minutes. The only trace of Easter is the large tin of chocolate and jellybeans but I am glad to have a break from all the decorating. The constant putting up and taking down while taking care of twin babies seem a little much at times. On to enjoying Spring and all the beauty it brings

1 comment:

Steph said...

What a great idea to leave clues! I will have to give that a try net year - what a clever bunny you had at your house!;) And I love the beautiful pictures you posted!

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