May 26, 2011

Hopping into the weekend and hoping Blogger let's me post comments!

Blogger is being a real pain in the neck! for the past couple of days I have not been able to post any comments. It does not acknowledge my sign in and I cant even post a comment on my own account.UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....I want everyone who has followed my blog to know that I have followed them all back and am looking forward to some great reading.
If you are a new follower from some of the blog hops I have joined, Please know that I will follow you back but I might not be able to post a comment until Blogger fixes this.

It's a known problem Blogger has been working on since May 24.  Some people can not even log into their account or even make a new post. So I am grateful and praying not being able to comment is as far as this problem will get.

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Chasing Rainbow said...

Hello there,
I am a new follower from the Thursday hop...what a lovely blog you have here. I will be back for more.
Have a great week.

Sonja said...

I'm now following you. Would love a follow back at

Sondra said...

New follower from the social parade blog hop. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Daisy said...

Great Blog!!! I'm following you now :) Hope you can follow me too.

Mrs. Zwieg said...

Love your blog! I read your "About" and I gardening, hate camping! I am a new follower and hope you will follow back, enjoy your day! :)

RoryBore said...

Blogger is letting me leave comments on some accounts, and not on others. Because it is free, I try not to complain very much....but when someone leaves me a comment, I usually go to their site and comment back...and it i can't do that: well it just seems rude. don't mess with my bloggy rep Blogger.

Clavel said...

Happy Friday Blog Hop! I am your newest follower, I hope you could visit and follow mine as well. tnx!

Patti D. said...

Very nice post!!

You can visit my blog here.

Jessi said...

Hi, I'm following from Follow on Friday.

I hope you have a great weekend - and that blogger fixes all these issues! :)

Anonymous said...

Now following from a mommy's sweet blog design. Hope you can follow me back too!

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