May 21, 2011

14 days of rain = bedroom makeovers?

I have just checked the weather network and can't believe it!...rain for the next 14 days. All I managed to do today was cut half of the grass because the rest is a pond. Some weeding took place but not enough , the wisteria bush was not planted and the new garden bed was not cut. It just to wet to do anything out there today.

Once I saw him, weeding came to a screeching halt. Stubborn frog would not move and I was not touching him. He must be loving all that rain. Oh PRETTY PLEASE Mother Nature, don't let the whole Summer be like this too . I just love my boyfriend aka "the pool" and I miss him terribly!!! but if I had a bedroom like this, rain would never be able to separate us again.

I have been wanting update the girls rooms for a while but I never had the time. 14 days of rain just might make me. The twins nursery is beige with a Winnie the Pooh theme because I never knew the sexes until they were born. The girls kept their legs crossed at every ultrasound appointment, taking after their big sister who did the exact same thing and also enjoyed a Winnie the Pooh nursery. I painted pink and purple butterflies pulled from the bedding to make it more feminine but it doesn't seem enough.

I really like the the lavender crib bedding:  and fell in love with Tiffani Thiessen daughter's lavender nursery. It is such a calm & soothing colour and the white accents are so crisp & clean.Walmart carries white plastic flowers and butterflies that I could stick on the wall instead of the birds.

 Or I could go darker like a red comforter:  and try to re-create this room from HGTV. The girls are 15 months old and maybe would like a little colour. This is such a sweet room and still very little girlish. Did I mention they both look great in red?!

For Cesina's room I was thinking zebra sheets:  and pink...lots and lots of pink.
The goal is to have a room that will carry her into her tween years so I don't have to re-do it again in a couple of years. Maybe just change out some of her accessories as her taste bud's mature...ahem goodbye everything Hannah Montana.
 I am really glad her favourite colour is not lime green anymore, although the pink could very easily be switched out to any bright colour. With 14 indoor days ahead of me, I got nothing but time to brainstorm.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this gitana theme!
I still would rather do this during the winter months when there is nothing to do outside and enjoy the few months of warmer weather while it's here.
Sigh...come back soon Mr. Sun!!
So I can enjoy the smell of my lilacs in bloom
and the girls love outdoor adventures.

Although they certainly are very creative with their indoor adventures too.

I hope your weekend is sunny ,warm and DRY. Nothing like a little blog hopping to brighten one's day.

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cajunlicious said...

Hi! Following you from the Relax & Surf Sunday blog hop! Hope you visit my Cajun blog and return the follow!
- Jessica @

Shana said...

You are going to be busy! I want a bedroom like that too! I'm not a fan of frogs so I would have left him alone too. Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Super Stalker Sunday Hop. Would love it if you would visit and 'like' my page:

DisneyFan said...

I love houseplants! :) I wish I had my own garden.

New follower on GFC, NB, and FB! and

Monika said...

Just browsing some of the blog hop blogs and I wanted to say hi! I will follow you as well. We also have a Facebook fan page at that you should check out! We always like and follow back, just leave us a note <3

Monika @ Aias Dot Ca

Tirza @ Canadian Mommy Giveaways said...

Following you back from the We Are Canadian blog hop! Thanks for stopping by!

Kady L. said...

Stopping by and following from the We Are Canadian Blog Hop! I have twins too!! My girls turned 6 last month and one lost her first tooth TODAY - just wait til you have to consol one because she wasn't 'first'!


winterbabe98 said...

Stopped by from the Stalker Sunday blog hop! I like those ideas for your girls' room!! I've got a son, though!!


Samantha said...

I am your newest follower from FNF Hop :)

Hope you have a chance to drop by

Mama Spaghetti said...

Ooh! All of those girly rooms are fabulous! Can't wait to see what you end up doing. I love girl rooms.

Stay dry!

Russo said...

Oh my goodness, you got a crazy amount of rain, it looks like a lil mini lake in your pics. And thre frog looks darling in pics but I am so with you-there is no way I would touch the frog.

And I freaking want the swimming pool room! Great post, creative as always.

Emily said...

Hello! Thanks for linking up with Super Stalker Sunday hop. There are so many wonderful blogs participating, I hope you've found a few that you enjoy. Be sure to join us again next week!

Your Co-Host,
Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

Sarah Kate said...

Our forecast here is just as bleak. Nothing but rain, rain and more rain. My tomatoes are dying for some sunshine!!

And a giant pool in my bedroom?!? Yes, please!! That picture is awesome!!!

xoxo, Sarah Kate

Steph said...

great bedroom inspiration and lovely garden. great pictures too!!! Have a great week!

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