April 14, 2011

Easter Egg hunting ideas and letters from Peter Cottontail

I  can't believe it's almost been a week since I blogged last. Between being sick, cleaning the garden beds and Alejandra's teething, blogging never stood a chance.
Here is the pile that never made to the fire pit. I went pruning happy in the fall so this normally would be twice as big. This year it will be a pruning extravaganza!

Still soooooo much more to do but I love seeing flowers in my garden.

Even though they are picked quite quickly.

They are loved!!!

This was the first time the twins have been outside ....they are definitely country girls.
Alejandra was so impressed with the sky.

Valentina was tasting everything!

The Easter basket hunt is going to be so much fun with them . I stopped placing eggs through out the house because Cesina took no interest to them so I decided to create an adventure like Dora and have her hunt for her Easter basket instead. I made a map for Cesina to follow around the backyard and hide eggs with clues inside as to where the Easter bunny had left her basket, which was Daddy's garage. She  enjoyed the hunt more so than the goodies in the basket. I am hoping for good weather this year but have a couple of ideas just in case. Starting with special Easter basket hunting shoes. click on the image for the directions.

Bunny Parade - Ask the kids dress up for the Easter egg hunt with bunny ears, nose and a tail, or maybe a full bunny costume. Before the hunt have a Bunny Parade. The cutest bunny OR the bunny with the best ears could win a Prize.


Hop n Hunt - Make the kids hop around to hunt for the eggs. Most of the kids will probably forget all about hopping after they have found the initial few eggs, but it will ensure a good spirited start. Another variation could be have all the kids stand in a line and then at the start of the hunt, they have to hop to a finish line before they start collecting eggs. If the hunt is outdoors, you could draw a chalk line for the finish. If indoors, you could have a ribbon spread across for the finish line. For added fun you can give a prize to the child who reaches the finish line first. You can also place a lot of eggs just around the finishing line or ribbon so that they are easy to pick for the first few kids to reach them

Obstacle Hunt This is a good choice if you are having the Easter egg hunt outdoors in a big backyard or at a park. Just like in an obstacle course race, you could have various activities interspersed with egg collecting. For example, at the starting buzzer the kids race to the next spot where they have to thread a needle and only when they complete it can they run ahead to the next spot (collecting all the eggs along the way of course). Some other activites could be jumping over a cardboard box , going around a chair five times, blowing up a balloon, drinking a glass of water, eating a boiled egg and so on. The first child to reach the finish line wins a prize.

Puzzle Treasure Easter Egg Hunt – For this hunt you would need a puzzle (not more than 25 pieces , with each individual piece small enough to fit inside an egg). Here are the steps: First put the puzzle together. Then flip it over and write a clue across the back pointing to the treasure. Take the puzzle apart and put one or two pieces in each egg. Then hide the eggs for the hunt. The children will have to find all of the eggs and put the puzzle together in order to figure out where the "treasure" is.

Easter hunt map- Tun your hunt for Easter eggs into a hunt for treasure. Create a map using pictures, showing little ones where the eggs can be found. To make it more fun, have another map waiting with more clues in some of the spots you've designated.

Easter Egg Hunt with a message - Have a regular egg hunt, but in 12 plastic eggs put a number and a scripture telling a part of the Easter story Then when the kids find the eggs and are sitting all together, call out the numbers one by one and have each person read their scripture. You can have the kids tell the story of Easter.
Just like the traditional letter from Santa , I have started the traditional letter from the Easter bunny. It comes in handy when she starts to misbehave because just like Santa, the Easter bunny only brings chocolate to the well behaved boys and girls. This site allows you to create 3 personalized letters, has three different wordings and template colours to choose from. The basic letter is free if you would like the doorhanger and envelope it is $1.99. Click on the image if you would like to create a letter.

                                  This is a funny letter for an adult.

                                    More free Easter bunny letters

Display your fave Easter memory in this Easter keepsake photoframe. Click on image to download

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Thanks for following. I am following you back from http://my-2-cents.blogspot.com/

Mommy said...

I am so excited to do an easter egg hunt for the twins. I never got to do one as a child so I am super excited. I don't think they will understand it this year, but mommy will! If you get a chance swing by 2 Against 1 , and link up to the TGIF blog hop (Friday). Hope to see you there!

Mary said...

ohhh those are some really great idea for Easter :) Your girls are adorable...
Thanks for stopping by my blog :0

Leontien said...

haha yeah they make me want some of those chocolate eggs in my cupboard!

love the pics and the tips!

Russo said...

I hope that you are feeling better- being sick stinks. I adore this post. So fun, I wish I lived in the country. For now I will have to dream and read your blog. ~Russo @ www.threegnomes.blogspot.com

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