February 28, 2011

Counting down till March 20th..the official start of Spring

Last Friday we had a snowstorm....

Today it was raining and I am pretty sure it will freeze by the end of the day. Oh why can't I look out my window and see this instead!!!

 My darling March 20th ..I can't wait for your arrival ; )
These February days have been dragging on and even though I am keeping busy with my little adventurous munchkins..

with a lil'bit of this

and a whole lotta that!

I long for those sunny days spent all day in the garden...minus the deer and horse flies chasing me....or the garden snakes that slither outta of the rocks and scare me half to death....ah yesssssss....the country life!

Guess I should have added a clause in my FB "I want snow "statuses ...only till January-February...but it is Canada...it could very well carry on till May!

Good thing I came across these fab fab fab little plastic wraps for eggs while unpacking the Easter decorations...I always buy at the end of season for the next year and boy am I ever glad I did!

Seeing as no one in my family eats hard boiled eggs and I can't decorate with them either , I decided to try this on the plastic eggs.

Just adorableeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The trick is a bowl with boiling water...it must be right outta the kettle hot.
Prep the plastic eggs by sliding the plastic wraps on,  then drop the egg into the bowl and turn it around with a fork so that all the sides of the wrap shrink fit equally.

This is my new fave thing to do!...hope the stores have some more in stock!

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