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September 30, 2012

Fabulous Fall Inspirations

Fall is in full swing at Greenacre!
 We kicked things off by our first trip to the pumpkin patch. It was their opening weekend and God blessed us with the most perfect fall weather to enjoy it.
The day was filled with wagon rides, rolling hills, kettle corn, pumpkin donuts and pumpkins. Lots and lots of pumpkins.
A delicious feast for the eyes and senses that sung Fall is here!
To help spread the joy of this glorious season I am sharing these FABULOUS FALL INSPIRATIONS. 

 Here are some beautiful and charming free Fall printables. Click on the link below to download the printable.

    Katie Brown from Smile Like You Mean It

    Janet from Todays Fabulous Finds

These amazing folk art paintings depictions of a Fall day make me want to go back in time.
Linda Nelson Stocks 
Linda Nelson Stocks 
 Scarecrows' Ball by Lisa M.Nelson

Fall is a time of harvest and bounties. Why not use them to make these wreaths to welcome your love ones.

These wonderful blogs have rounded up some fantastic & fun Fall crafts to spend a cozy afternoon making memories.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope ya'll  found some inspiration.
 Autumn Blessings from my house to yours. 
Please enjoy these free Fall printables I created by clicking on the images. 

September 23, 2012

Free Fall craft and Scavenger hunt printable

Happy first Sunday afternoon of Autumn!. 
To commemorate the occasion at Greenacre, we made some beautiful Fall flowers.
It doubled as a scavenger hunt and opportunity to teach my twin toddlers about colours and for my six year old to practise her counting.

We are blessed to have a forest in the backyard so it did not take to long for the girls to find everything on the list. 

Here is a free printable you can download to make you own scavenger list with: 

ADVENTURE TIP- place the leaves books flat inside a book with something really heavy on top of the book for a couple It flattens the leaves which makes them easier to glue.
 I cut four squares out of scrapbook paper and had my daughters arrange the leaves into a flower. The leaves were glued to the paper then cut out. Placing the flower face down, the branch was glue to the back of the flower. To be secure the branch to the flower, I glued a paper X right on top of it.

A couple of weeks ago one of the twins stuck a fake berry up her nose. My husband tried to remove it using tweezers and even a toothpick , with no luck. Hello trip to the emergency!
I got super lucky and not only was it empty but I got a really good nurse that knew exactly what to do.
First place you finger on top of the unobstructed nostril, take a deep breath  then place your mouth on top of the child and BLOW!.  It will send the object flying out of their nose. 
This is the best tip I have ever received and something I will be putting to use frequently.

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree. 
Emily Bronte  

July 18, 2012

Summering at Greenacre

Spring kinda turned into Summer this year at Greenacre.
I kicked it off with the big girl bedroom makeovers.
The gemelas were constantly in Cesina's room and  the time had finally come for her to have her own space . A wonderful space where I can not worry about the gemelas breaking something . A place where Barbie and Draculaura can chill out with the Zooballs  and not worry about going MIA or losing limbs.

 Hot pink which was chosen from a Hello Kitty bag that my husband took to Home Depot to get as close a colour match as possible. Accented by cheetah print and glitter...lots and lots of glitter|
 The first step was to empty the nursery. In other words...
The milestone of giving away the last crib 
starting another milestone
The nicest fabric in stock was this rainbow cheetah print that was Cesina`s first choice. I stapled the fabric on to the old computer chair & hot glued a piece of  fabric to the lamp.
The final touches were some wall decals and flowers.

 I used the a raspberry toned pink for the dresser and a lighter pink for the walls.
Accenting with the `special Cesina room pink``. Ajelandra handed me the paintbrush as I was painting Cesina`s room and knew that was the ticket to their transition. ...  A pinkalicious bedroom.
 This room is still a work in progress. .I need to make a bed curtain  for the bottom bunk to shut out the  light because Summertime brings the it doesn`t get dark until 9:30 joy.
 It was so warm that we and I mean my wonderful husband, opened the pool early. A whole month early to be exact and it has been our BFF ever since.
My baby graduated Senior Kinder garden.
Printed off these fabulous free print ables but never got to use them so I will scrapbook them instead.
My tiger lilies that are always in bloom for Canada Day and have to be trimmed by the end of July. In a week's time to be precise. Half way through Summer already mi gente...half way through Summer.

Won the lottery with this Red Lobster like garlic biscuit recipe I found on Pinterest.
 Then suffered the heartbreak of Italy losing at the Euro cup but had an amazing Italian flag manicure and pedicure.
Took going to the water park off the Summer bucket list.
Added chasing seagull around.
Watching the drought progress and it's affect on my plants.
Feeling very grateful for our famer's market!
and I'm not alone on that one.

Hope your Summering is wonderful and all you dreamed it be.

Having a fabulous time Summering at Greenacre ya'll! xoxo

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