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I am a stay at home mom to 3 girls & love to do reviews that pertain to my audience .I will be more than happy to give your product or service a good honest review. The size of the company is not important as long as I think a review of the product will benefit or inform my readers.

My reviews are always completely honest. However, even if I do not like the product ,  I can recognize qualities that might appeal to others, therefore even a negative review can have a positive side.

All reviews will be promoted on my blog, Facebook fan page, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. 

Advertising fee schedule:

Sidebars 125 x125- $30 a month 

Text Link -$10 a month

Within a Blog Post Choice of Large Rectangle 300 x 250, 125 x 125 Button, Logo or Picture, or Text- $20 per post.

Sponsored blog posts- $35 per post

Please note all sponsored blog posts will include specific details about your company and product, photos, links to your website, and purchasing information. As well as become a permanent part of my blog and remain in the archives . Full disclosure will be noted in all sponsored posts.

Payment for the next month will be expected 3 days before the due date. Ad will be removed if payment is not received at that time.
Adventures at Greenacre is PayPal Verified.

Advertising guidelines:
· no refunds
· advertisements geared to women, moms, children, families only
· no landing pages to porn sites
· all users must land on the same page
· ads must be grammatically correct
· ads cannot offend based on race, gender, sexual preference, disability
· no spam ads
Thank you for considering me for reviewing and giving away your special products on my website!

Please contact me at with all questions or requests.


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